Gordon, born and brought up in Dundee, is one of the most respected fiddlers in Scotland today.
He's been playing in bands for many years and as well as playing with the Ian Muir Sound, he is regularly seen and heard with Colin Dewar's Band, Ian Holmes, John Renton and many more. His broadcasting career started with the great Ronnie Easton Band in the 70's and continued with Colin Finlayson until Colin's untimely passing. Gordon is also well known as a solo player and as a judge at some of the major festivals.
Gordon Simpson
Recorded Aug 1996
18 Track Album - 10.00 + p&p

His first solo album - FIDDLE - is getting rave reviews and a massive amount of airplay. He has performed with Colin Dewar on several albums too which have been very successful. A gentleman to the core is Gordon and a very fine fiddler to boot!

GORDON'S ALBUM 'FIDDLE' has a selection of Reels,Jigs,Slow Airs, Strathspeys, Waltzes and much, much more all played superbly by Gordon with accompaniment by The Ian Muir Sound.
01 Irish Reels
02 Shetland Air
03 6/8 Marches
04 Waltzes
05 Medley
06 2/4 Marches
07 Medley
08 Waltzes
09 Pipe Jigs
10 6/8 Marches
11 Gaelic Waltz
12 Reels
13 Medley
14 Medley
15 Jigs
16 Medley
17 Slow Air & Reel
18 Medley

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