Gerry Conlon & Seamus O'Sullivan are two of the most celebrated and experienced accordion players on the Irish competition dance scene.

The two, from Glasgow Scotland but of Irish descent,. have taken their music to the corners of the globe.They are well known in Australia, Canada and America as well as Ireland, England and of course Scotland.

Their music is a unique blend of Irish and Scottish with influences of Shetland and Cape Breton.

The sets on the dance albums are all played at metronome speeds recomended by the Irish Dance governing body.

Their latest album 'The Long Road' is the latest in a series of the best Irish Dance Music albums available anywhere in the world.

Virtually all of Seamus & Gerry's CDs have been produced at Bryansroom Studio where the two have made sure that the tempos are absolutely spot on and the performances are just perfect.
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