Shep whose kennel  name is BRAIDWYN WOODMAN
was born 22nd August 2002 in Peebles.
Dad was Oscar, a beautiful light cream dog,
and Mum Julie a small dark gorgeous bitch.
Bred by Mrs Elma Winton.

Shep sadly passed away over the rainbow on 25th August 2016 3 days after his 14th Birthday
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Sadly Shep passed away on 26th August 2016
He was 14 years old and the best pal you could ever want.
He was a beautiful natured dog who loved life.
Shep was our 4th Retriever in 50 years.
They were all different in character but this guy really surpassed all expectations.
We will miss him for the rest of our lives but he won't be replaced.
Rest in peace old man ... you gave us so much happines and joy.
Thank you Shep.